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ART – Eco-Bio Cleaner

Effective • Environmentally Friendly • Safe


Water & Mineral Stains, lime scale, calcium, soap scum, oxidation, mold, phosphorous, Bluing, black streaks, rust, mold, mild dew, tarnish, salt spray, paint overspray on: Glass and other surfaces. Leave surfaces clean and smooth to the touch.

This professional strength cleaner is recommended for use in hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, hotels, super markets, and other public facilities with difficult to clean surfaces.

Works effectively on:

Aquariums. Shower doors. Granite. Anodised Brass. Anodised Aluminium. Stone. Water fountains. BBQ grilles. Tombstones. Windows/doors. Stove tops. Copper ware. Corian. Chrome. Tile & Grout. Porcelain. Fiberglass boats. Pools area. Glass surfaces. Hard vinyl and Steel surfaces. None porous surfaces.

Non-Toxic. Eco friendly. Biodegradable.


Remove dirt and debris from surface prior to applying product. Apply to surface with dry or damp cloth.

Press firmly focusing on a 2-3” area at a time while loosening stain with a rubbing action. Rinse with water until residue free. Repeat until surface is clean and sparkling. An oscillating buffer or microfibre towel may be used for large areas and hard to clean surfaces.

Free sample available:
Self-collection, subject to stock availability.
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